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Every year over 10 million pets go missing worldwide. Owners usually look for them through posters or websites, but often they never see their beloved pets again.

Whenever stray pets are found on the streets, in most cases their identification is lacking or problematic. Often the owner’s contact information is missing or unidentifiable, and these found pets are usually taken to shelters, many of them never returning to their homes again. Everywhere in the world animal shelters are overcrowded with said lost doggies waiting to be found by someone.

We would like to help finding a solution to this problem; this is why we started to develop an affordable, portable and compact identification device, which can be used anytime and anywhere. The device is easy to use, and with the accompanying smartphone applications (IOS and Android) sufficient information can be gathered to identify the lost pet (PET ID; GPRS coordinates, date of recording, photo).

With our applications this invaluable data can be uploaded to the gonepetfinder.com website, where other free missing pet databases can be browsed as well.

Thanks to new regulations more and more pets are implanted with microchips for identification purposes. This makes identifying them easier and more accurate, however the microchip-readers necessary for this process are quite expensive and rarely accessible by the public.

The microchip on the picture is used for the identification of pets.

How does it work?

Using our small, portable chip reader connected to a smartphone via Bluetooth, the unique ID of stray pets stored in their implanted microchips can be acquired.

The number of the chip is sent by the reader to the application on the phone (IOS or Android).

The application can take photos of found pets, and upload them along with the GPS coordinates and chip number to gonepetfinder.com.

With the microchip ID the owners can find their pets more easily,

or the uploader can search for the owner in the database.

What we are working on:

Why do we need funding?

So far, we made the prototypes of the product and the application and launched our website ( gonepetfinder.com ) as well. With the funding we receive we can start mass producing the product and make improvements to the database on our website. We would like to help finding missing pets with our product. With additional development and mass production we would like to give you a product and service that provides a convenient but complex aid in finding our pets.

We would also like to help the work of animal shelters chosen by you if our campaign is successful.


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Help us to help them

We are responsible for our pets.

With your contribution you can help them finding back to us. Hopefully with the help of our devices more missing pets will find their owners once again.


Contribute us on Indiegogo.com

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